Issue by Issue – Tales of the Zombie #2

Writer – Steve Gerber, Tony Isabella, Stan Lee, Chuck Robinson, Chris Claremont
Artist – Pablo Marcos, Win Mortimer, George Tuska, Ralph Reese, Gene Colan
Inker – Pablo Marcos, Win Mortimer, George Tuska, Ralph Reese, Gene Colan

The second issue of Tales of the Zombie presents more of the same goodness that was found in the first issue, that being some incredible horror courtesy of a plethora of fantastic artists and writers. It begins with a tale of Simon Garth, now semi-autonomous, functioning on his own even though he can still be controlled by the voodoo amulet if someone should find it and figure out how to use it. Garth, with what little remains of his mind wants to be free, either in death or if there is some chance, in life. To that effect he knows that he has to go to Haiti, home of all things Voodoo, for it is there that he will find what he is looking for and it is there that his daughter Donna is headed as well, looking for an answer as to whether her father is still alive somewhere in the world. Written by Steve Gerber and beautifully illustrated by Pablo Marcos, horror has never looked so good and while it is a somewhat tragic tale, the horror of Garth’s existence cannot be denied by the reader. It continues during the latter half of the book which introduces a mad scientist, Simon Garth’s former friend who also happens to be a voodoo practitioner and Donna getting herself into trouble through no fault of her own and transformed into a giant spider. While it could be seen coming a mile away, the reader is transfixed as father and daughter soon do battle with Garth coming in as the winner, though he would do little to assure that, only knowing that somehow the spider-creature is his daughter and fighting back would only hurt her. Like the previous magazine, there are additional stories to enjoy like Voodoo Unto Others, which finds a young boy mistaking what he sees as something evil and in the end, being saved by those very same forces. Stan Lee and George Tuska present a tale of a killer who is having bad dreams, so much so that when he is offered a cure, he finds that karma has a way of catching up with people. Chuck Robinson and Ralph Reese tell a fun, yet frightening tale of twins, of one who dies and one who lives and of how they keep getting mixed up in the most atrocious of manners so that the one who still remains among the living continues to get buried by accident in her sister’s place. With an unforgiving tale of a body thief looking to make a quick buck by any means necessary, Gene Colan adds some additional darkness to the magazine where said body thief gets his just rewards and finally there are two articles for the avid reader, one by Tony Isabella who introduces Brother Voodoo to the world at large and one about the subject of voodoo by none other than Chris Claremont. Every one of these make for a very entrancing read, one packed with horror and excitement, filled with dastardly characters and even, if one looks for it, a little hope.

5 out of 5

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