Four Colour Thoughts – Avengers #9

The Creators – Jason Aaron – Writer, David Marquez – Artist, Justin Ponsor – Colours, VC’s Cory Petit – Letters

The Players – Captain America, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Thor, Tiger Shark, Stingray, Namor

The Story – Namor has had enough of the disrespect he gets from the surface world. He means to change that.

The Take – The great thing about the latest issue of the Avengers is the portrayal of Namor. While he has always had a chip on his shoulder being the King of the Seven Seas with no one really taking him seriously and even when he was at his most violent and more angry than most with many great runs by a lot of great creators, it is here that Jason Aaron paints him as the man he should have always been. Not necessarily a killer, though he has always been a man willing to do what it takes in service to his kingdom and yes, he does take a life in this issue, one that might shock some readers, but as a man pushed to the brink, a man on the edge. Namor will not take it anymore and while it is not the fault of the heroes or the people of the surface world that a Celestial destroyed Atlantis during the ordeal featured in the first six issues of the book, he no longer cares. Namor is done playing the ally, being the friend and the teammate, done being the fool. Now he is going to be the king that his kingdom has always needed and nobody is going to stop him. So it is that Aaron and artist extraordinaire David Marquez send the Avengers after him, not because of who he killed of which they know nothing about at the moment, but because of the men who abducted and killed the Atlanteans seen in the last issue of the book. Namor believes that the men should face Atlantean justice due to the fact that they killed Atlantean people in Atlantean waters, but the Avengers believe otherwise and perhaps that has always been one of their faults, believing that they are always right in every instance. Atlantis is a nation like any other upon the Earth and not recognising it as such is something that has always stuck in Namor’s craw, something he could never abide and now, in addition to everything else, he will abide it no longer. There is some good action present throughout and Marquez does an outstanding job with it, the pace of the book racing forward and when things finally simmer down for a moment, he and Aaron leave it on a cliff-hanger that only spells big things going forward. Coming out of this story, there are two things that would be incredible to see though both are doubtful, the first being with Namor finally being shown as a true force in the Marvel Universe, one cannot hope but to see him come out on top. The other is that after all is said and done, it would be great to see a Namor solo series spin out of it all with Aaron taking the reins. As for the person who died, when one thinks about it and though it is sad, at the end of the day, said person never really made a splash other than being a supporting character for bigger and better heroes. A tragic fact for sure, but essentially true.

Worth it? Yes.

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