More Than Simple… – Witchery (1988)

Witchery is a movie with a lot of names like Ghosthouse 2, which has nothing to do with the original Ghosthouse and which in turn was also known as La Casa 3 and having nothing to do with the first and second La Casa, as well as being known as La Casa 4 and again, having nothing to do with the previous films in the series. It is a movie that begins innocently enough and transforms itself a third of the way in to a movie that revels in just how cruel, crude and horrific it can become for the remainder of its running time.

It all begins on two fronts, with David Hasselhoff and his girlfriend looking to take some photos of the mysterious ‘witch lights’ on a deserted island and with Linda Blair and her parents looking to buy an investment property upon the very same isle. They eventually come together after being stranded thanks to a mythical old witch or old-timey actress depending on who is asked, and it is then that things really start to get weird and people start to go missing, being killed tortured or even worse.

To say that this film starts off a little slow is understating the fact as it drags on for a fair amount of time before anything of note actually happens. It even gets to the point where viewers will think that all it entails is whether an old hermit-lady does indeed live on the island or if it is all just an old wives’ tale. It finally picks up with some old-school psychedelic effects and Blair’s mother getting her lips sewn shut in a scene both graphic and disturbing. From there, the horror gets far more visceral at times, being both incredible to watch, uncomfortable at one point during a fairly explicit rape scene and cheesy at its worst. With people getting burnt alive and one woman impaled by a swordfish of all things, there is no lack of blood and gore once the movie gets going.

What would have been nice to see out of this feature would have been a stronger story, a little more history of the witch and some of the drama removed from the beginning, but all in all, as insane as this picture gets, it manages to be a lot of fun and more entertaining than not. The acting by most of the cast is all right, Blair perhaps being the finest example to be found, but even the Hoff manages to be a little fun with what he contributes to it all, though he is also part of that aforementioned cheese. The film is not scary to say the least, but it is horrific and should please those fans looking for something a little more brutal than the norm.

3 out of 5

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