Truly a Nightmare – Nightmare Weekend (1986)

There are a lot of bad movies in existence, atrocities that should have never been committed to celluloid and one of those is Nightmare Weekend. The sheer insanity of what this film is will make audiences wonder just what it is that they decided to get into and it is not as if it there is anything frightening in any sense of the word other than being a truly terrible movie. What is really scary and horrific about this film is the film itself.

Released by Troma in 1986, the movie is a menagerie of scenes involving everything from an essentially grown woman talking to a puppet that is a computer interface for a machine that in turn can somehow control all sorts of different things like autonomous cars, not to mention killing people or turning them into mind-controlled zombie-like slaves, random sex scenes that made no sense to the larger context of the tale being told and more. Even worse, the story boggles the mind, what little bit of a story there is which has to do with a woman who wants to make the world at large better, but that somehow involves turning young women into monsters.

The only thing that this movie really accomplished was to introduce Andrea Thompson to the world and who would go on to star in NYPD Blue many years later. The music is terrible, the acting heinous and everything else about it simply awful. This is definitely not only one of the worst horror movies ever made, but one of the worst movies ever made period. It is just bad, bad, bad, bad, bad and shockingly, though it makes absolutely no sense and defies all logic, worth watching for that fact alone.

0.5 out of 5

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