A Different Kind of Catch – Blood Hook (1986)

What is quite impressive with Blood Hook is that it manages to keep its audience entertained throughout the entire film even though it seems extremely silly at first glance. A killer who kills with a fishing rod and a giant hook does not seem all that menacing, but despite the ridiculous premise, the filmmakers pull it off and deliver a bit of fun and a fair amount of blood and guts to please even the most die-hard of fans.

There is one drawback to the entire thing and that being the fact that it is not all that frightening, but it does not stop the picture from trying its best and while it might not be scary, it does manage to gross out its audience just a little bit during certain scenes. At one point, there was a single moment where it seemed like the makers of this movie would go just a little bit too far when it came to a toddler playing in the water and though there was a little blood and a bit of a shock, they avoided it probably due to the censors they knew they would have to face. What was ultimately good about that scene though, was that it did set up a bit of a precedent with the film from that moment on by essentially stating that nothing was out of bounds, or almost as it were. There would be another particularly bloody and gruesome scene where the killer would hook a young man out of his boat and drag him into the water to meet his fate. It was beautifully shot and it played out perfectly as the viewer was able to imagine the hook tearing into the man’s body, almost so much one could almost feel it tugging and ripping as it went. Visceral sure, but in a film like this, it needed to do something to offset the lack of scares and if that meant grossing out the viewers and heading into more disturbing territory, then so be it. It was, to say the least, horrific at times and cheesy during others.

Blood Hook also gets props for doing something just a little different, not being the same old, same old slasher that would permeate the 1980’s. Sure, the acting left a little to be desired in some parts and it would still feature a few of the clichés present in this particular genre like the ditzy girls and the macho guys, the old man that nobody pays attention to and the sort-of crazy outsider that is usually invisible to all but the kids. Tropes or no though, Blood Hook managed to do what some slashers fail to do and that is something new, something never really seen previously like the crazed fisherman in this movie, but it worked and worked well and so for that reason alone, the film is very much worth watching.

3.5 out of 5

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