When the Moon is Full – Night Shadow (1989)

There are a lot of werewolf movies out there in the universe, many of them coming out in the 1980’s including this one called Night Shadow. While it is not completely awful, it is not all that great either – falling somewhere in the middle. It plays like a cross between an ABC television film of the week and a Full Moon picture, especially when the music hits and one expects to see some killer puppets pop out of the woodwork instead of a werewolf. Writer and director Randolph Cohlan did his best and he definitely gets credit for that, but the budget which was obviously low, hampered him in both choice of actors and special effects.

The story concerns a reporter on vacation and when she heads home she finds herself not only doubting her career choice, but discovering that there are more than a few bodies turning up. It is nothing overly spectacular and it never gets above the level of monotonous which is a terrible thing for a movie to achieve – boring its viewers so much that not even the werewolf can save it. In addition to said werewolf, said woman whose name is Alex has a brother who knows kickboxing and gets to show it off a couple of times in the film which is staged so badly it is not entertaining in the slightest.

There is probably little chance that the audiences of today will discover this 1989 creature feature, but if it should happen, not watching it would be doing oneself a favour. Watch The Howling or An American Werewolf in London instead.

1 out of 5

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