R.I.P. Carlos Ezquerra

Sadly, the man who co-created Judge Dredd along with John Wagner, the great Carlos Ezquerra, has passed away.  The man was a giant when it came to illustration and his credits include not only Dredd, but Strontium Dog, Bloody Mary, Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, War Stories, Just a Pilgrim and numerous other works.  He will be missed.  Rest in peace.

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  1. Oh man, I’m gutted. I loved his Apocalypse War serial in 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd heyday back in the early ‘eighties. I bought the IDW hardback collection a few years ago and when I re-read it all it just blew me away all over again. Forget Game of Thrones, reading that Apocalypse War serial every week in 2000 AD and chatting to my mate through its weekly twists and turns is something I recall so fondly today. Damn. This is such lousy news.

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