Issue by Issue – Freedom Fighters #15

Writer – Bob Rozakis
Artist – Dick Ayers
Inker – Jack Abel
Colours – Mario Sen
Letters – Milt Snapinn

In the final issue of the Freedom Fighters’ first ongoing series, Bob Rozakis, Dick Ayers and Jack Abel present another fun-filled tale that finds Phantom Lady and The Ray in outer space being whisked away to some far away planet. While they might be all right for the moment, the same cannot be said of the Human Bomb who has been transformed into a pile of goo. It is not long before the heroes find out the reason for their abduction which just so happens to be the creation of a war machine and the aliens who are responsible are nearly finished with the building of it. Meanwhile back on Earth, Uncle Sam is trying to get to the bottom of those strange robots that look like his teammates and he does so with a bit of help from Batgirl and Batwoman who have stuck around from the previous issue. The heroes soon discover the alien menace below the carnival and take the fight to them, with the creatures stopping them dead in their tracks until Doll Man is able to use his mental powers to overcome the little monsters. Back in space, Phantom Lady and The Ray defeat the war machine before it is ever put to use and the Human Bomb is freed along with dozens of other human beings abducted by the same aliens. Eventually they all meet back up on Earth and while they might have come out on top, the extraterrestrials still manage to get away. For a final issue, Rozakis and company do a great job at presenting one final grand adventure for the team, one packed with action and drama and even a little jealousy when it comes to The Ray’s feelings towards Phantom Lady. What is most depressing about this last book is that it offers no conclusions to the team’s legal woes, the fact that they are on the run for crimes they did not commit and the real perpetrator, the Silver Ghost is still out there, somewhere. One consolation that the ending of the book does offer is that the story of the Freedom Fighters was to be continued in The Secret Society of Super-Villains title, which unbeknownst to readers at the time would also be cancelled before ever seeing print. Eventually, the two missing issues of The Secret Society of Super-Villains would see print in Cancelled Comics Cavalcade as well as a more modern reprint in collected editions of the title. The sixteenth issue would find the Freedom Fighters still at the carnival with Doll Man getting a tip from Martha that the Silver Ghost had been seen across the country, thereby having them split into four groups to find him. Additionally, there would be a little more relationship drama with The Ray being mad at Phantom Lady for rebuffing his attempts to get closer. The seventeenth issue would see Uncle Sam and Doll Man attacked by the Society while Sandy would tell Black Condor that it is he that she is interested in and not The Ray or the Human Bomb. The book also details the Human Bomb’s origin story with the Society attacking him and the aforementioned duo as well, while Firebrand is confronted by a mystery man. Bob Rozakis sums all this up a little better in his blog post from 2010 as to what exactly happened to the Freedom Fighters, not only in those two missing issues, but the completely unpublished 18th issue as well which can be found by clicking this link here. Altogether it was a shame that the DC Implosion happened (not affecting Freedom Fighters, instead cancelled for the DC Explosion), taking numerous fun titles including The Secret Society of Super-Villains with it and even worse, never letting those books have a proper conclusion. As for this particular title and its final story, it was a fun ride that featured strong writing from Rozakis and incredible artwork from Ayers and Abel, both satisfying in one sense and not, due to its cancellation.

4 out of 5

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  1. Been great reading the Freedom Fighters’ reviews and revisiting this series again. It was a great comic book sereis in its time, shame this final issue wasn’t quite the ending the series deserved as a whole as it left things unresolved back then. Still, Freedom Fighters’ was a fun series, with great stories and art 🙂

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