Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #32

Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Ron Wilson
Inker – Pablo Marcos
Colours – Janice Cohen
Letters – John Costanza

After discovering that Alicia has been turned into some kind of spider-creature, Ben was mortified and worried, the latter more so than anything else. What had happened to the woman that he loved with all his heart, who would do such a thing? Leaving off on a cliff-hanger that saw Ben squarely in her sights, the battle picks right up where it left off with Marv Wolfman and Ron Wilson delivering an action-packed tale. While The Thing must battle Alicia in order to save the innocents around them, at the same time he is trying not to injure her so that if something might be done to reverse what has happened, she will be in the right shape to receive such treatments. That is easier said than done though as Alicia has no qualms and is playing for keeps. It is a good thing then that Ben Grimm also has Spider-Woman on his side, doing her best to keep them both from ending up on a slab, not knowing that it is Hydra controlling Alicia from afar. Once it starts, the pace never lets up and Wolfman and Wilson tell a rollicking good tale that finds the heroes in question on the ropes, so much so that Ben has to call in reinforcements and who shows up but the Invisible Woman, trying her very best to contain Alicia in her unbreakable force fields, but doing so is easier said than done. Alicia is like a thing possessed and with that comes rage and with that rage comes strength and when Ben unknowingly makes it worse, it takes a toll on all of them. Wolfman does not make it easy for the heroes, but it is not long before they finally persevere, though the getting there seems like an eternity. The only negative to be found in this entire issue is the two treasure hunters who have been featured since the beginning of The Thing’s London adventure and it is not because they are in the book, it is because nothing essentially came from having them around after numerous issues of lead-in story. What happens to the two men is almost anticlimactic, readers want to see what the treasure is and what is going to happen to the two men afterwards but that does not come to pass and having read about them for so long now seems like a complete waste of time. The only thing that can rectify all that is if Wolfman comes back to the story in a future book and perhaps he does, but it is a little frustrating. That aside, and it is a very minor part of the issue overall, the story is a good one and surprisingly has a happy ending, something Ben desperately needs at this point after having done battle with the woman he loves.

4 out of 5

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  1. Awesome cover for this great issue of Marvel Two in One, especially as it features the Invisible Girl and Spider-Woman together with The Thing – you don’t very often see those characters working together.

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