Four Colour Thoughts – Heroes in Crisis #1

The Creators – Tom King – Writer, Clay Mann – Artist, Tomeu Morey – Colours, Clayton Cowles – Letters

The Players – Booster Gold, Superman, Harley Quinn, Batman, Wonder Woman, Blue Jay, Arsenal, Hot Spot

The Story – Heroes lie dead at a place called Sanctuary and whoever did it is still on the loose.

The Take – Tom King writes a good story in Heroes in Crisis, one that hooks the reader because it is really interesting in numerous ways and he paints a portrait of a mystery that calls the Big Three of the DC Universe in to investigate. It is a tragedy and a brutal one at that and if this story is cannon, he also just killed off a couple of DC’s bigger, second-tier heroes, not to mention a few others as well. Readers can easily tell that he is telling a big tale, aiming for something perhaps epic in scope and it does feel as such. The only problem is that it seems like there are very few pages and the ending comes so abruptly the reader is left wondering if that was it, there being little substance once all is said and done. If this was a case of writing for the trade instead of simply writing something organically, then King is definitely succeeding, but as a reader, there has to be something more and this book really feels lacking come the end. As a bonus, it does look absolutely magnificent thanks to Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey, each page so sharp and intricate at times, it is hard not to just sit there and pour over them. There is a fight between Harley Quinn and Booster Gold that keeps things moving along quite nicely, but it ultimately leads nowhere and that in itself is disappointing. What is quite good about it all is that King does try to do something a little different, creating a place within the DC Universe where heroes go to get help, not simply medical but psychological – a novel idea that will hopefully be explored in further issues instead of simply being the catalyst for the mystery he sets up. Altogether the book was good, it simply could have been better as could many things in life. It is intriguing enough that readers will want to see where it leads and it could very well be worth it, it simply needs to pick up a little steam and deliver more to keep those readers around.

Worth It? – Yes because it might lead to something bigger.

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    • Yeah, for me this is a wait for the trade kind of deal now. It was good, just not enough and for those that have the funds, they might be willing to fork out the cash, but I cannot justify it either. It got a pass, but just barely.


  1. Also, is it just me or does DC have a multitude of different Harley Quinns. The character appears in a number of comics and does not seem to have any consistent personality. The Harley in this comic didn’t seem to be particularly similar to the one in the HQ standalone series who does not seem to be the same character that is in Suicide Squad. Maybe it’s just me since I only check these series out sporadically, but the HQ character is kind of a chameleon who has a brand of CRAZY that varies widely depending on the writer. I don’t need strict continuity, but I do appreciate consistency.

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