Back in Black – Widow Archives Volume 2: Kill Me Again

Mike Wolfer’s erotic horror series Widow continues in Kill Me Again which finds his heroine Emma alive after seemingly being burned to death in the conclusion to the first volume. Also returning to the book is Agent Drew Triggert, the man who fell in love with Emma all that time ago on the island and who saw her engulfed in flames. With a series of murders taking place in the present and bearing a striking resemblance to the bodies on that island, Triggert has a feeling that Emma is alive and after noticing that she had been in his apartment and then catching sight of her at a crime scene, the stage is set for them to reunite, but first they have to evade multiple law enforcement agencies looking to put her down.

Handling both the artwork and scripting duties once again, Wolfer does a great job of bringing his signature character back to life and she looks better than ever. For this second book, the story is a bit stronger and far more exciting, featuring a ton of action and anticipation as well as more than a little suspense, some mutilated bodies and a pace that does not quite once it gets going. Like a good car chase, Kill Me Again drags the reader along with Triggert and Emma as they try to evade the FBI and the cops who are all on the lookout for them, not knowing just what it is that the law are getting themselves into by doing so. There is a little eroticism and nudity present, and it goes hand in hand with the horror of the book as it usually leads to Emma killing those she gets involved with. It is only with Triggert that things are different, whether because love is involved and she can somewhat control herself or some other factor, but what makes it even better is that Triggert loves her enough that he can overlook the fact that she is some kind of monster.

Additionally with this volume, not only is the story stronger, but the artwork is improved as well, with Wolfer finding his footing and the series looking great. Emma is a vastly complicated character that he has only started exploring and so far it has been a lot of fun following her through these books, though a lot still remains unexplored. Triggert on the other hand has had a little more face-time than she has, his character being explored a little more in-depth and with the book being called Widow, it is done so for a reason and it would be nice to see her eventually end up being front and center with Triggert relegated to being more of a supporting character rather than the lead.

Once again, there is little to fault with this series and for those that want a quick and solid read, Widow: Kill Me Again will not disappoint with its perfect blend of action and horror.

4 out of 5

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