Sunday Sessions – Reading+Leeds 2018

Some have said that the lineup for this year’s Reading and Leeds Festivals was playing it safe, refusing to take any chances and yet when one does actually look at the list of bands performing, sure there are the familiar names one sees at most of the shows across the world, but the  Beeb still manages to put forward some bands that are not as well known as others, mixing the new with the old. For every Panic at the Disco you have a Beartooth and for every Fallout Boy there is a Dylan Cartilidge. So a little safe – maybe, but there are still a ton of acts one is able to see without having to even glance at one of the bigger names. What bigger bands there are though are good ones with Kendrick Lamar, The Wombats, The Kooks, The Courteeners, The Vaccines, Diplo, Papa Roach, Rae Morris, Sigrid, The Regrettes and tons more. All in all, a well rounded festival sure to please anyone who cared to go this weekend. Below are a selection of songs curated from the BBC in a playlist which is usually updated fairly regularly from the BBC and one that presents a good mix of the artists present.

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