Four Colour Thoughts – West Coast Avengers #1

The Creators – Kelly Thompson – Writer, Stefano Caselli – Artist, Triona Tree Farrell – Colours, Joe Caramagna – Letters

The Players – Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Ms. America, Gwenpool, Kid Omega, Fuse, Tigra

The Story – The west coast needs a team of heroes for those villains looking to exploit it, what better than a new version of the West Coast Avengers?

The Take – Continuing right off from where her Hawkeye solo series ended, Kelly Thompson who is joined by Stefano Caselli, create a new iteration of the West Coast Avengers and it finds both Kate Bishop and Clint Barton joined by Ms. America, Gwenpool, new hero Fuse who also happens to be Kate’s boyfriend and Kid Omega. Given the makeup of the team, things are not going as smooth as they would have hoped and they only find themselves being a team after an incident involving land sharks – creatures that are obviously sharks with legs that can walk on land. Thompson seems to be having a lot of fun with the book and that translates to the reader as well, as each page is packed with humour, that which will make its audience both chuckle and laugh and the book breezes by thanks to the easy manner in which it is written. Also making this first story a pure joy to read is the artwork which Caselli does a phenomenal job on, the man never disappointing. Best of all is the team dynamic, which despite there sometimes being a lack of cohesion and some very unique personalities, they do manage to work well together. Kate is hilarious and makes for the perfect leader with Clint taking a backseat to let her do her thing. Ms. America is as great as she always is and Gwenpool is a strange but inspired choice for the team and so far makes for some good comedy relief. Kid Omega, fresh from doing nothing of late is the much needed powerhouse that the team desperately needs and Fuse, appearing in the previous Hawkeye series, seems to be a good fit as well. At the moment, while there is no clear-cut villain that stands out as the team’s nemesis, they manage to find enough trouble on the West Coast to keep them busy, especially when a giant two hundred foot tall Tigra shows up in the ocean, nearly mindless and heading towards populated areas which the team cannot obviously allow. The funniest part of it all has to be the interview session that Kate gives looking for new recruits and it shows off both Thompson’s wit and Caselli’s flair for design as numerous wannabe heroes show up looking to join the newly-minted team. By the end of it all, the book has done everything right by creating a good mix of humour, action and excitement as well as just a touch of drama to hook the reader right in and keep them coming back for more. If Thompson and Caselli remain on the book for the foreseeable future, there is no reason to doubt that the readers will not be there as well.

Worth It? – Absolutely.

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