Issue by Issue – Freedom Fighters #10

Writer – Bob Rozakis
Artist – Dick Ayers
Inker – Jack Abel

After the explosive conclusion to the last issue where it looked as if Doll Man had just murdered the District Attorney, he now finds himself in prison for the crime, protesting his innocence along the way. Far away, The Crusaders have been bested and now the Freedom Fighters wonder just where it is their teammates have gotten off to, especially once they notice the local paper which shows Doll Man accused of murder. To that effect they split into two smaller groups – Black Condor heading off on his own to find The Ray and what happened to him after heading off to stop the Silver Ghost and rescue Martha while Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady and the Human Bomb head out to see if the recent crimes committed by Cat-Man might have some connection to it all. Bob Rozakis introduces a bit of mystery into the book with this issue and dials back the action, though there is still plenty for those that need their fix. Dick Ayers and Jack Abel are back to tackle the artistic duties once again and they do a fantastic job of it and it is a rare occasion that they get to pencil some of the Freedom Fighters in their civilian identities which does not happen all that often. There is a couple of interludes that make for an interesting reading experience, one being the origin story of Doll Man and how he got his powers, along with a bit of tragedy when he tells of how he lost the Martha of his Earth. The second deals with what happened between The Ray and the Silver Ghost, the former being injured and carted off by some mysterious person while the latter made good his escape, though for how long remains to be seen with quite possibly everyone on the lookout now. The inclusion of Cat-Man as the main villain of the story is an intriguing one as it makes little to no sense considering the ongoing plot, but as it is just a minor part of the plot to keep things going and extend it a little bit, it is not all that bad and even manages to keep readers entertained while reading it. The only problem with this particular issue which the preceding two did not have, is that it does indeed take a bit of a break from the main tale that Rozakis had been telling and the fact that it has been going on for quite some time now, it would be nice to see the end in sight. Overall there was still a good time to be had with it all, but seeing what will happen to Doll Man will be quite interesting indeed.

4 out of 5

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