Issue by Issue – Freedom Fighters #9

Writer – Bob Rozakis
Artist – Dick Ayers
Inker – Jack Abel

With the Silver Ghost standing tall as the person behind the mask of the Americommando, the Freedom Fighters lay sprawled out and unconscious, not knowing their lives could end at a moment’s notice. Thank goodness for villainous monologues because if the Silver Ghost had not talked for so long, it is quite possible that The Ray would not have woken up in time to save his teammates. The only person not currently captured is reporter Martha Roberts who tries to convince Barracuda that the Americommando is actually a villain, but to no avail and soon The Crusaders are sent on a wild goose chase as the Silver Ghost and his new hostage make their way back to Manhattan in order to report on the deaths of the Freedom Fighters to the District Attorney. Things go awry of course as author Bob Rozakis and artists Dick Ayers aided and abetted by Jack Abel, bring the Freedom Fighters back into the picture on two fronts – most of the team confronting The Crusaders and trying to find out just where it is they came from while The Ray and Doll Man head off the Silver Ghost to try and rescue Martha before something happens that can never be reversed. So it is that once again the book is packed full of action, a great hallmark of the series as it never bores and always has the reader on the edge of their seat wondering just who might come out on top as it always seems the Freedom Fighters get as good as they give. Both segments of the story are quite interesting in themselves, the first as readers learn the origins of The Crusaders and how they came to be which is quite humourous thanks to Rozakis poking fun at his colleagues (assuming he means Marv Wolfman, Len Wein, Archie Goodwin and Roy Thomas and not four random kids with similar names) and the second where Doll Man and Martha finally confront the feelings they have for each other after battling it out with the Silver Ghost. Ayers and Abel draw the book more than ably once again, making it as riveting and as exciting as possible while Rozakis pens another shock ending, something that has almost become a hallmark of the series. Even more than last issue, this finale leaves things looking quite bad for the Freedom Fighters, despite any evidence they might have that could free them from the charges that have been laid against them. A thrilling ride from start to finish that makes reading the next issue a must.

4.5 out of 5

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