Issue by Issue – Freedom Fighters #8

Writer – Bob Rozakis
Artist – Dick Ayers
Inker – Jack Abel

After what seemed like an exercise in the farcical, the eighth issue of Freedom Fighters picks right up from the last and it finds Black Condor a little out of his mind thanks to his new mental powers and his inability to completely control them as of yet. As a result, Uncle Sam is put in grave danger as they fly above Niagara Falls. It is not long before Uncle Sam falls and a daring rescue is made by The Ray, but it is one that has consequences as the team soon finds out. Written by the continuing Bob Rozakis with art from Dick Ayers and Jack Abel, the team is soon fending off former comic book heroes The Crusaders who are indeed quite real. Recruited by the District Attorney of New York, The Crusaders track down the Freedom Fighters thanks to The Ray, first for stopping the Falls and thus causing a power outage and then by trying to correct the situation by acting like a human light bulb. There is a ton of action to follow as the two teams clash and once it starts, it does not stop until the last panel of the book. It is exciting to say the least and the two teams seem to be very evenly matched as the Americommando faces off against Uncle Sam, Fireball and Sparky take on The Ray, Barracuda decides to tackle Phantom Lady until the Human Bomb gets involved and finally Rusty faces off against Doll Man and gets more than he expected. What makes this book particularly good considering those that came before is just how great a job Ayers and Abel did in presenting it – from panel layouts to the way the action flowed, the book looked amazing. For the most part, while it was simply a battle between the two teams, there were little bits thrown in for those who had been reading all along – a nod to the Human Bomb’s feelings for Phantom Lady, Martha rushing to the side of the heroes in the hopes of helping the man she loves, namely one Darrell Dane, and a very shock ending that was not expected in the least. While it might have come out of nowhere, that ending could be the key to finally finishing off the storyline that has painted these heroes as villains for so long, though whether that comes to pass remains to be seen in future issues. It also leaves a little to be explained though and hopefully Rozakis gets to it sooner rather than later as readers are definitely left hanging at the end of this tale. Some great stuff by a great creative team.

4.5 out of 5

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