Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Nirvana, An Acoustic Mix

No, it is not a collection of songs from the band Nirvana, but an incredible selection of tracks from the likes of Winter Aid, Antony Left, East Love, Ellie Fountain and more. Low-key and lovely is the name of the game for this edition of Monday Mixin’s.


Winter Aid – The Wisp Sings
Alex Fisher – The Sailor’s Wife
Joel Ansett – Give Our Hearts Some Weight
Mykey – Faces
Brother – Curves
Imaginary Future – I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You
Garrett Kato – Ghost Town
River Whyless – Stone
Manu Pozzi – Let Me Hold You
The Harbor – Irresistible
Thorin Loeks – Coming Home
Tay Oskee – That Place
Antony Left – Ocean
Sonder Saloon – Roads
Hester & Holly Rose – Crystal Night
Tall Heights – Spirit Cold
Eyeclimber – The Open Road
East Love – Left My Love
Ellie Fountain – Wait
Daniela Andrade – No One But You
Willy Poldd – 3AM feat Pierre Phillips
Peacock Affect – Who Cares If You Exist
Sea Offs – Unfound

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