Four Colour Thoughts – Death of the Inhumans #1

The Creators – Donny Cates – Writer, Ariel Olivetti – Artist, Jordie Belaire – Colours, VC’s Clayton Cowles – Letters

The Players – Black Bolt, Medusa, Trigon, Gorgon, Karnak, Lockjaw, Vox, Maximus

The Story – The Inhumans have answered a distress call, only to realise that things are not what they seem and by the end of it all, none of them might be making it back home.

The Take – What is apparent once this series starts is that it must take place sometime in the future instead of the now due to the fact that the entire Royal Family is present which cannot be possible and the fact that they are once again the Royal Family after they had previously given up that role. So while it might confuse a few readers, those who have been following the various series that have chronicled the Inhumans and their adventures will notice these things and come to the logical conclusion that it takes place further from the current state of the Marvel Universe, hopefully that is. That in itself is a bit of a relief, if true though there is every possibility that is is indeed current, because Donny Cates does not make things easy on the Inhumans in this book and considering all the interviews that he has given stating that they will not all make it out alive is just a little bit distressing. So present is Gorgon, Medusa, Karnak, Triton, Crystal, Lockjaw and Black Bolt who is once again the Midnight King. Things begin right in the thick of it with what seems like the Kree wanting the Inhumans back under their control and to that effect, as they know Black Bolt and his people will not bend the knee, make a statement to bring them into line. It starts with tragedy and only continues from there, taking the life of one beloved character, introducing the villain of the series whose name is Vox and looks like a bigger, tougher version of the Black Bolt and continues in similar vein before breaking the hearts of readers with a very shock ending. It is plainly evident that Cates is not going to be pulling any punches in this series and while it might anger some, it nevertheless drags the reader right into the story so that no matter what comes, they want to see where it leads. Taking this script and transforming it into a visual feast is Ariel Olivetti who forsakes his usual painted style for pencils and inks, a look that fits this book perfectly, a grimmer and grittier tone to suit what Cates had dreamt up. So it is left upon a cliff-hanger and the creators have done their best to present something a little different which they have done more than adequately. While it might only be the first of four issues, one can see just where this series is leading and that will be with Black Bolt facing down his enemies when all is said and done, but if the rest of his people do not make it, what left has he to fight for?

Worth It? – Definitely yes.

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