Issue by Issue – Freedom Fighters #7

Writer – Bob Rozakis
Artist – Dick Ayers
Inker – Jack Abel

It is almost Christmas and still the Freedom Fighters, heroes from Earth-X, are on the lam and hiding out from the law. Doing as such is tiresome and it wears on the various members, to always be on guard and even worse, knowing they are innocent. Bob Rozakis continues to helm the book and introduces a new threat for the heroes to face, becoming aware of it thanks to Black Condor’s new found powers. Said threat takes the heroes to Santaland where one naughty elf has bad intentions, namely to turn New York into the new North Pole. As far as bad guy schemings go, it is ambitious to say the least, but if the Freedom Fighters have a say in it, the North Pole will remain where it currently resides. Once the team arrives in Santaland, there is a ton of action to be had courtesy of Dick Ayers and Jack Abel who fill in for Ramona Fradon this issue. As the heroes battle the menace of toys come to life, the artwork makes that very vivid action pop in spectacular fashion and for the most part, the battle seems to be swinging towards a win. It is only when miniature action figures that look like the Justice League of America enter the fray, with not only looks but powers that mimic the original characters do things seem in doubt. Aside from all the theatrics, Rozakis still has time to introduce a bit of the human element as well, namely the longing Martha feels for Doll Man, a love that is returned but not yet spoken. There is also a love triangle blossoming between the Human Bomb, Phantom Lady and the Ray, though like the aforementioned couple, Roy Lincoln has decided to keep his feelings to himself at least that is, until he is able to function like a regular human being without having to wear his suit all the time in case something explodes. Also, much like every previous issue, Rozakis paints the District Attorney as a very dissatisfied man, something that will hopefully change sooner rather than later, but thanks to the events at Santaland, it remains an uphill battle for the Freedom Fighters and one they may not end up winning.

4 out of 5

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