Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #23

Writer – Bill Mantlo, Jim Shooter
Artist – Ron Wilson, Marie Severin
Inker – Pablo Marcos
Colours – Hugh Paley
Letters – John Costanza

The conclusion of the last issue courtesy of Bill Mantlo and Ron Wilson found the Thing and Thor facing off against the forces of Seth, the God of Death. Being out numbered, the two heroes would fight on and as soon as they would try and make their way to free Horus from sacrifice, they would encounter the Devourer, a beast even Thor is not capable of handling. Joined by Jim Shooter and Marie Severin in order to finish this mammoth story off, it would see Seth gloating of his power and his smarts while seeing Osiris and Isis stand by and watch helplessly as Horus hangs tied up and unable to do anything, nearly devoid of life. As all seems lost and as the heroes start to lose hope, Ben comes up with a plan, though the authors of this tale do not make it an easy one. It is foolhardy and it could cost Grimm his life, but something has to be done or nobody will make it out alive. There are a couple of annoying little plot holes in the story that makes one wonder why this story turned out the way it did, the first being the fact that Osiris and Isis simply stood by and did nothing while Seth was amassing his power and subjugating their son Horus. Even after Seth claimed Horus’ power for his own, why did they not simply gather the pantheon and put a stop to him then? Why let him continue on his path of destruction while doing nothing? Additionally, once Seth was aware of the fact that the Devourer would not follow his commands and his own life was at risk, why not join the heroes in defeating the creature? At the very least, the answer to that one is simple as most villains are cowards at heart and Seth is one such as that. While Mantlo, Shooter, Wilson and Severin do a great job at the tale provided, it is far from the best that has graced this book thus far. Seeing the Thing team up with heroes such as Thor is fun, but not as much so as it is when someone out of the blue pops up in the book like Man-Thing or the Golem. They make for stories one would normally not see anywhere else while something like this could be in any old book like Avengers, Fantastic Four or Thor’s very own book. Overall, this was not bad in any sense of the word, but it will be nice to see some more uncommon guest stars in later issues.

4 out of 5

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