Four Colour Thoughts – Tony Stark: Iron Man #1

The Creators – Dan Slott – Writer, Valerio Schiti – Artist, Edgar Delgado – Colours, Joe Caramagna – Letters

The Players – Tony Stark (Iron Man), Jocasta, Jim Rhodes, Fin Fang Foom, Bethany Cabe, Controller

The Story – Tony changes a life, fights Fin Fang Foom, makes everything seem easy.

The Take – The first issue of Tony Stark: Iron Man welcomes aboard Dan Slott and it is one of two books out this week by the same man featuring a done-in-one story, the other being his final issue of Amazing Spider-Man. In a landscape of serialised storytelling, it is nice to read a book without having to wait numerous months for its conclusion. When things begin it looks like Slott might be heading to the creation of a new villain to plague Tony at some point in time, but in fact it turns out to be a bit of a red herring, transforming into a fun and exciting tale with a bit of warmth to it followed by an after-credits scene which sets up events to come. Slott’s Tony Stark is the one perpetrated by the films and the one that has peppered Marvel Comics ever since, one driven by ego with a good amount of charm and humour to drive him forward – the one everyone knows and loves. The characterisation in the book is spot on and it makes this issue a joy to read. The big bad of this first story is none other than Fin Fang Foom, one of Marvel’s best monsters who is attacking New York which calls Iron man into action. Making an appearance in the book are several new armours for Tony to wear, a signature of every writer and artist who jump on the title with the best being the giant robot suit used to battle the enormous creature. While the classic armour sometimes makes a comeback at some point during every writer’s run, it is better when the book pushes forward with the new and unique, technologically relevant designs which happens here. At the helm on pencil duty is Valerio Schiti, making not just the armour look slick with its classic red and gold, but the entire book and one thing that is made readily apparent is that the right team for the job are those that brought this tale to life. As far as the cast goes, it remains to be seen if Slott has finalised that part as Mary Jane Watson, Pepper Potts and Friday are all missing, as is Doom and Riri Williams. Present is Bethany Cabe who has not been seen in some time and it is a welcome return as is seeing Rhodey, fresh from the grave. One thing Slott is great at is introducing new people to the mythos so there is no doubt that no matter who ends up in the book; it should make for a great read. Altogether this was a great first issue that will no doubt lead into many more incredible stories moving forward.

Worth It? – Yes.

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