Four Colour Thoughts – Hawkman #1

The Creators – Robert Venditti – Writer, Bryan Hitch – Artist, Andrew Currie, Bryan Hitch – Inkers, Alex Sinclair – Colours, Richard Starkings, Comicraft – Letters

The Players – Carter Hall (Hawkman), Madama Xanadu

The Story – Carter Hall is back from the dead, doing what he does best and encountering a truth a long time in the coming.

The Take – Hawkman’s history, not to mention his publishing history, has had a somewhat checkered past and so it is that with the arrival of Robert Venditti, all of that has now been sorted – something even Geoff Johns was unable to do. All it would take is a mystical artifact and a little help from Madame Xanadu to unlock the truth within Carter’s mind. It is there that he realises that he has not only been reincarnating across time, but space as well, an explanation that folds every version of the character into one including some not yet explored. Venditti makes it all seem so easy and that is probably the best part about it, he keeps it simple. There is no need for any other convoluted ideas to be introduced to the character and the fact that it has now become as sorted out as it is, makes one want to go back and read some of those past runs now that it is all connected. Another nice surprise is the artwork by Bryan Hitch who outdoes himself, the man putting it all on the page and it looks great, perhaps some of the best work he has ever done. Whether he can keep a monthly schedule is one thing, but hopefully he does so, so good does this book look. As it is, Venditti and Hitch take Hawkman back to his roots, back to the archaeologist and explorer, back to the adventurer, filling the book with magic and excitement and they not only craft a very fun tale that sees Carter go up against a giant stone ape, but introduces a mystery that will not only propel the character forward, but keep readers intrigued and coming back for more. What should be interesting to see if Venditti decides to do so, is visiting some of those past incarnations and even better, if he brings Hawkgirl back into the book, though that would seem a given as the two are so closely entwined. Altogether, this was one of DC’s strongest releases in recent memory, a perfect book on all fronts.

Worth It? – Definitely yes.

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  1. Great review! I thought Hawkman #1 was brilliant, Venditti and Hitch did a great job with this new sereis. I’ve never read Hawkman comics on a regular basis, but I really like what the creative team are doing with the character here. Looking foward to seeing how the sereis develops.

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