Four Colour Thoughts – The Weatherman #1

The Creators – Jody LeHeup – Writer, Nathan Fox – Artist, Dave Stewart – Colours, Steve Wands – Letters

The Players – Nathan Bright (The Weatherman), Amanda? (Law Enforcement)

The Story – After a tragedy some time ago, people are still going through the motions of an everyday life with one of their only respites being the antics of the local weatherman.

The Take – The Weatherman is a book that takes place in the now, which also happens to be in the future, at least the future as far as readers are concerned. To be a little more precise, in this particular book’s past, an event took place which affected nearly every person on the planet in some way, yet Jody LeHeup and Nathan Fox treat it as just that – a past event. As for the present which is the year 2770 and currently takes place on Mars, the creators focus on the local weatherman, one Nathan Bright – a guy who does not seem to take life too seriously, a person who delivers the weather in an utterly ridiculous way, but one that definitely brightens the day of those he reaches. For the most part, the book is light and breezy and looks like it is going to be quite the fun ride despite a few darker overtones whenever that ‘event’ is mentioned. The last act of the book takes a drastic turn though when Nathan is out on a date with a girl he likes and all hell breaks loose in a hail of bullets and bad intentions. Without spoiling anything, the weatherman and his girlfriend are not what they seem and everything that takes place does so for a very particular reason. What is most surprising about all of this is just how heartbreaking the death of Nathan’s dog Sadie is. It packs a punch, a gut-wrenching one especially as it comes out of the blue and one does expect something like this to happen. Those that have ever lost an animal are sure to feel it more than others, but it lends a real sense of gravitas to the events unfolding. Factor in the revelations at the end of the story and it leaves the reader wanting more immediately. It is quite frankly, a perfect ending to what began as a somewhat under-the-radar title. Strong writing and gorgeous artwork are featured within and if LeHeup and Fox continue to craft stories as good as this one, they will have a book that ranks among the very best on the stands today.

Worth It? – Yes.

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