Four Colour Thoughts – Nancy Drew #1

The Creators – Kelly Thompson – Writer, Jenn St-Onge – Artist, Triona Farrell – Colours, Ariana Maher – Letters

The Players – Nancy Drew, Frank Hardy, Joe Hardy, Bess Marvin, George Fayne

The Story – Nancy gets a strange letter that calls her back home where a mystery about her past comes calling.

The Take – Nancy Drew returns to comics yet again and this time the mystery she needs to solve is about herself and possibly her mom and as such, she heads back to Bayport to find out just what is going on. To figure it all out she will need the help of her friends and Kelly Thompson re-introduces readers to Bess Marvin and George Fayne while also bringing in the Hardy Boys who are additionally quite handy when it comes to a puzzle that needs solving. Right from the get-go, one can easily tell the book is going to provide a lot of entertainment as readers join Nancy in the middle of her current case involving a team mascot. The artwork by Jenn St-Onge is light and cartoon-ish, but a perfect fit for the title and its current mood – a very nice change from many of the books one can find on the stands from the big two which tend to be more serious than not. This is also a big departure from Dynamite’s more recent Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys mini-series and while more in that vein would have been appreciated, this particular iteration of the characters is also a welcome one. As for the mystery itself, it is still just that as the issue focuses more upon the relationships between Nancy and her friends and making sure readers know just who each and every one of them are which is a good thing for those unfamiliar with the venerated property. There is a bit of action to keep things going and a little sly humour keeping in line with the book’s overall tone and it makes for a very good read. As for where it is going, one has to know that by the end of it all, Nancy will no doubt find that which she seeks, it is the journey that will make it worth the while. Hopefully if this sells well enough, it will be made into an ongoing title and perhaps that aforementioned Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew book will also receive a second shot at life as well. Overall, Nancy Drew provides a fun, smart and fresh start to a new series that readers should give a try if looking for something a little different than the regular capes and cowls.

Worth It? – Yes

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