Four Colour Thoughts – The Magic Order #1

The Creators – Mark Millar – Writer, Olivier Coipel – Artist, Dave Stewart – Colours, Peter Doherty – Letters

The Players – Leonard Moonstone, Regan Moonstone, Cordelia Moonstone, Gabriel Moonstone, Madame Albany

The Story – Some time ago, a group of magic users beat back the bad things and locked them away, creating an order to keep watch over them ever since. Today, someone is starting to kill off members of said order which some see as a strategic move and a shift in power.

The TakeThe Magic Order is Mark Millar’s first title to spin out of Netflix’s Millarworld acquisition and along for the ride is Olivier Coipel whose very incredible pencils bring it to stunning life. Aiding in this is Dave Stewart who gives it a great burst of colour and altogether makes for one very attractive package. As for the story, Millar crafts a very intriguing tale, one that sets the series up nicely, introducing the main players on both sides of the conflict which comes into focus towards the end of the book. What is most interesting is that these particular wizards, or at least some of them, use wands which is quite old-school when one thinks about all the various stories and books and comics over the years that have featured those that practice magic, not to mention Harry Potter. Added to the mix is some family drama which always makes for a compelling read as most can associate with such a situation, having a family and all that comes with it. Of course, it does fall into familiar territory a little bit with the family patriarch and his kids – one being the rebellious daughter, another the damaged son and the last a son whose interests simply lie elsewhere than following in his father’s footsteps. So too does the book then feature the various kids, grown adults that they are, and what they are currently up to which is what one might expect given the characteristics Millar has imbued them with and as clichéd as they might be, they still draw the reader into their world. The star of the book, quite possibly at least as it is too early to tell as of yet, is Leonard Moonstone, the aforementioned head of the family featured within and it makes the reader wonder if the book will continue along its trope-laden path and have him killed off in the next couple of issues so that his kids will have to fend for themselves against the evil coming for them. Still, and despite all of that, it remains a very good read, one that breezes by with some good action, drama and magic and enough of it to enchant the reader into picking up the next issue.

Worth It? – Yes

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