Four Colour Thoughts – The Immortal Hulk #1

The Creators – Al Ewing – Writer, Joe Bennett – Artist, Ruy José – Inker, Paul Mounts – Colours, VC’s Cory Petit – Letters

The Players – Bruce Banner (The Hulk)

The Story – A robbery goes wrong and as such, the Hulk soon comes calling.

The Take – Al Ewing, fresh from his humour-laced Avengers titles tries his hand at horror and he does a good job of it, taking the monster that resides in Bruce Banner and making him into one after years of playing the hero. This particular creature only comes out at night and it is not so much vengeance that he seeks, but the thrill of making others hurt. After being shot dead in a robbery, it is not Banner that wakes up later that day, but the Hulk and like a bloodhound; he sniffs out the culprit and those that associate with him, delivering a punishment just short of death. The Immortal Hulk is not the Hulk that most people are used to seeing, though it is one that hearkens back to his origins, to those first issues where he was truly more monster than anything else. It also combines the intelligence that Peter David introduced into the character and the some of that cruelness that the Grey Hulk used to have. Altogether, this new Hulk is a terrifying creature to behold and it should make for some very interesting stories going forward, especially as it seems that Banner has little to no control over his alter-ego. One thing that is made readily apparent is the fact that the neither Bruce nor the Hulk can die. Yes, Bruce did die, but it is not something that sticks any longer, though it is also obvious that the monster still needs his human host to survive. Joining the book and bringing it to life is Joe Bennett and Ruy José who make it look not only good, but frantic, as if one were watching a film knowing that the villain’s fate is about to catch up with them. As for the Hulk, they give him an almost ape-like appearance and while monstrous in and of himself with a touch of Kelly Jones for good measure; it almost takes away from the Hulk a little bit as he does not seem to be as fearful as he could have been. It is probably the only fault to be had if one could deem it that, but it is only the first issue and time will tell if this was either by design or simply a one-off. As it stands, the book is off to a great start, one that should please long-time readers and hopefully bring some new ones on board.

Worth It? – Yes.

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