Take a Ride With… – Hell’s Bloody Devils (1970)

Sometimes a movie is just meant to be taken and enjoyed for what it is without looking for any deeper meaning within. Not every film is a masterpiece, nor are they meant to be – they simply exist for a means of entertainment for the masses, a means of escape from the everyday. Hell’s Bloody Devils is one such film and it is not a good movie in the classic sense but it nevertheless entertains as long as one does not dwell too long on what is happening on-screen.

To put it as succinctly as possible, the film is a mess with numerous plot holes and bad editing to rival any Z movie out there. It was originally shelved some years before its release with additional scenes being filmed later on and it is exactly what one would think – a hodgepodge of a movie that makes little sense yet has a somewhat slight narrative to it all that keeps it from being completely unwatchable. Factor in an old Nazi, a neo-Nazi biker gang, a little bit of sex, some action and romance, a surprisingly decent score and John Carradine because he makes everything better and the film turns out to be quite a bit of fun. For a moment, it even looks like the movie is going to leave off without any sort of conclusion making a sequel possible, which surprisingly leaves the viewer slightly giddy at the thought, but it is not too long after that the villains get what is coming to them.

Al Adamson, director and purveyor of a significant amount of B movies like Satan’s Sadists and Psycho A-Go-Go among them, would lend his talents to this feature film and while one can probably say the man did not do his best, what ended up on screen was nonetheless a spectacle to behold. As far as the Bikesploitation genre goes, there are better movies out there like The Wild Angels or The Wild One or even the previously mentioned Satan’s Sadists, but as choppy and corny as Hell’s Bloody Devils is, it is still worth a watch if hard up for something to occupy one’s time.

2.5 out of 5

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