Issue by Issue – Freedom Fighters #5

Writer – Bob Rozakis
Artist – Ramona Fradon
Inker – Vince Colletta
Colours – Liz Berube
Letters – Milt Snapinn

Wonder Woman is dead, or at the very least she appears to be so, but the Human Bomb thinks that he can revive her and amidst the action and destructive force that is King Samson, bringing her back is going to be a perilous task. It is a good thing then that the Freedom Fighters are on the scene which include Phantom Lady and Uncle Sam among their number, the other three of their team being held prisoner by the District Attorney for aiding and abetting the Silver Ghost. It is a situation that none of them like, for whether facing a powerful foe with half their number or rotting in a cell, the heroes of Earth-X do not feel like heroes. The Freedom Fighters’ time in this dimension has been nothing short of disastrous, but if they can prove their innocence with Wonder Woman’s help, then perhaps it will finally signal the fresh start they have been looking for since making their way here. Joining artist Ramona Fradon this issue is writer Bob Rozakis who does a great job in scripting the latest adventure these heroes find themselves in. Rozakis essentially paints the team into a corner, but with some ingenuity and some good old fashioned anger, both halves of the team are in their own way, fighting for their very freedom, something they have quite a bit of experience doing. One hero who rises to the top in this issue is the Human Bomb, a character who has been doing that of late quite a bit in the series, though one never tires of it. What would be nice to see though are some more scenes with Black Condor, Phantom Lady, The Ray and Doll Man who always seem to get left behind when it comes to characterization, much less being in the spotlight, though they do get a few pages to themselves at one point. Still, there is little to be found when it comes to faults in this book and that is a good thing as the series thus far has been quite enjoyable. As for King Samson, while the man wields a lot of power, he does not quite have the mental capacity that the Silver Ghost had and as such, while he might be formidable, he is soon defeated quite easily. There is a lot of action and the eventually the entire team is together once more, but Rozakis soon has them on the run from the D.A. again while bringing back the villain that started the entire mess in the first place.

4 out of 5

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