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They Called Him… – Secret Agent Super Dragon (1966)

During that incredible decade known as the Sixties, spy movies were all the rage with James Bond and a plethora of others, both spoofs and those wanting to be taken seriously, making themselves known across the globe. Some were good and some were bad and then there was Secret Agent Super Dragon – a film that would fall into the realm of the nonsensical. The movie never goes into just why it is that the spy extraordinaire Bryan Cooper is called the Super Dragon and one can only assume that it has something to do with his win/loss record. Factor in some beautiful women and an evil drug lord who likes to peddle his wares looking like candy and poison his followers into servitude and for the most part, it has all the ingredients of a well-rounded film.

The problem with it all is that the story is all over the place and it finds the secret agent the same, travelling all over here and there trying to put the pieces together though little of it makes sense, in order to stop the villain. It not only makes it hard to follow, but it tends to be a little boring as well as little happens action-wise and considering that this is a spy film, one would expect a little excitement to rear its head every now and then. When one considers its star in Ray Danton, as robotic and unappealing a leading man as one can get, it does not help matters in the slightest. It is not that the man would be physically unattractive to the ladies, but with his character showing little personality and the actor having little talent, Danton is unable to really sell the role he is playing. He is to put it in as simple a term as possible, dull and not the star that this film needed to make it sell.

As for the rest, Margaret Lee and Marisa Mell added in a little charisma and charm, doing the best they could with the material, but with things being a bit of a jumble and generally not working as well as they should, Secret Agent Super Dragon turns out to be the unwanted step-child of spy films. It is not the worst movie there is, far more horrible atrocities have been committed to celluloid, but it is definitely not all that good and one could almost watch any other spy film over this one and find more to like. Unless a genre enthusiast, skip this one and watch something else.

2 out of 5

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