Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Roots Reggae Tape: Jamaica 1973

Nothing quite like a little reggae to get oneself in the mood to begin another long work week and with tracks from the likes of The Wailers, Ronnie Davis, the Heptones, Paul Freeman and more, it is really quite easy to do.


01:18 The Wailers & Johnny Lover – Sun is shining
03:18 The Righteous Flames – Must be a revolution
05:57 Maurice Wellington – Girl you’re so divine
08:36 Shenley Duffus – To be a lover
11:22 The Flames – Zion
13:21 Senya – Oh Jah come
15:23 Little Roy & Ian Rock – Christopher Columbus
17:44 Errol Dunkley – This train
21:12 Ronnie Davis – Money never build a mountain
24:21 The Ethiopians – The word is love
27:26 The Mighty Maytones – Ital queen
29:44 The Heptones – It’s like heaven
32:25 King Burnett & Lee Perry – I man free
35:20 Asher & Trimble – Humble yourself
38:18 Prince Alla – Bosrah
41:10 Morvin Brooks – Cheer up black man
44:17 The Royals – Make it believe
47:19 Gladstone Anderson – Rockers
50:36 Paul Freeman – Life is sweeter than money
53:24 Bob Marley – She used to call me data
56:12 Chenley Duffus – At the end

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