Four Colour Thoughts – New Challengers #1

The Creators – Scott Snyder & Aaron Gillespie – Writers, Andy Kubert – Artist, Klaus Janson – Inker, Brad Anderson – Colours, Deron Bennett – Letters

The Players – Robert Brink, Trina Alvarez, Moses Barber, Krunch, Prof

The Story – Various men and women are abducted as they die to join a new team called the Challengers of the Unknown, a team dedicated to saving the world.

The Take – The Challengers of the Unknown have had many titles over the years, none lasting quite as long as the first, yet all featuring essentially the same concept which is about a group of people exploring the unknown. Here, the basic premise looks to be still intact with the added plot point of said Challengers tasked with protecting the Earth. Not an easy job even for the best of heroes, and it should be interesting to see just how these everyday people live up to the challenge. While it is exciting to see a new Challengers book on the stands, especially given the talent involved, the first issue is somewhat lacking and that could be for the simple fact that it feels slightly disjointed at times. Events within a comic or even a book should flow from one to the next, the problem is that here it does not. The rhythm feels off and every time that it gets going, there is always something else to break it. All of it makes reading this book slightly strenuous, like a chore and that is not a good way to start off a brand new title. In addition to that and more than likely because of that, none of the characters hit that right note that makes readers latch onto them. The situation they find themselves in is understandable and it does make one feel for them, but coming away from this and rooting for them, much less remembering their names is a hard thing to do. So yes, there are a couple of negatives to be found and they are big ones, but there is a kernel of greatness to be found and that can be discovered in the premise of the book and the eventual course that Snyder, Gillespie and company will chart. There is enough talent here for it to right itself, including Andy Kubert who has been absent from the printed page for far too long. If there is one really great thing about all of this, it is that the book looks great and for this title to succeed, keeping Kubert on it and on a monthly basis is a must. Usually, when a story is lacking such as this one is, it is enough to simply forget about it and spend one’s hard-earned money on something else. Given the history of the title overall and knowing the talent behind it, giving it one more shot might be worth the risk.

Worth It? – Tentative yes.

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  1. I give DC credit for continually trying these “off brand” comics, but history has shown us that no matter how “good” they are (top creators/stories) fans who buy DC Comics don’t gravitate to the books without mainstream DC Super-heroes in quantities large enough to keep these alive for a year or so at most.
    So consider this to be a limited series, even if not advertised as one. I’m guessing 8-12 issues.

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