Issue by Issue – Freedom Fighters #3

Writer – Martin Pasko
Artist – Ramona Fradon
Inker – Juan Canale
Colours – Liz Berube

Due to the machinations of the Silver Ghost during the last two issues, the Freedom Fighters from Earth-X now find themselves fugitives from the law. It is a distressing situation for the team as they have never been anything but heroes and now, to be thought of as villains, they are unsure as to their next move. Should they turn themselves in or should they go into hiding? They wanted a fresh start after leaving their home and now, they are being hunted and it is a feeling that they do not care for in the slightest. Martin Pasko takes the reigns once more with the dimension hopping Freedom Fighters and he presents them with a conundrum from which there is no easy escape. Most readers would assume that because they are the good guys, they would turn themselves in and trust to the justice system to clear their names. Something rational. As it is and because this is a comic book, that does not happen and instead, the reader gets to see the Freedom Fighters land themselves into some further trouble while trying to stop some robbers. That in itself would not be cause to worry and they should have made short work of that particular crew, but thanks to a bit of intervention from a couple of aliens from Qward, they now have to face a further menace from a man named Arthur T. Sommar – a sociopath transformed into an alien killing machine. It all seems quite complicated, but Pasko and artist extraordinaire Ramona Fradon delivers this story quite expertly, making for a very entertaining adventure. Aside from the regulars, two characters stand out from the rest – the aforementioned killer turned alien Sommar, who may or may not have fallen to his death and District Attorney Pearson, the man spearheading the mission to capture the heroes. One part of the man knows that something strange is going on, most good guys simply do not turn bad overnight, but he has a job to do and he may end up being more of a villain than any of the costumes the Freedom Fighters end up facing later on. With some great artwork and a fairly crazy story with some moody heroes starting to fray at the edges, this title continues to get better with every book.

4 out of 5

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