Four Colour Thoughts – Hunt For Wolverine #1

The Creators – Charles Soule – Writer; David Marques, Paulo Siquiera – Artists; Walden Wong – Inker; Rachelle Rosenberg, Ruth Redmond – Colours; VC’s Joe Sabino – Letters

The Players – The Marauders, The X-Men, Kitty Pryde, Wolverine

The Story – Out to make a bit of cash, the Marauders are looking for the corpse of Wolverine as his body is worth a fortune in genetic material. The X-Men will not allow that to happen.

The Take – Charles Soule, the man who brought the middling Death of Wolverine to fruition, now serves up the Hunt For Wolverine which is supposed to bring Marvel’s most popular mutant back to life. Known for the fantastic Letter 44, a run on Swamp Thing, the excellent Uncanny Inhumans and currently writing a very exciting run on Daredevil at the moment, Soule now serves up another run-of-the-mill Wolverine story for the fans. It is not a terrible tale by no means, but neither is it a great one which it should have been straight out of the gate, capturing the hearts and minds of its readers as it heralds the return of Old Man Logan’s younger self. That by itself is the biggest problem of the book – leaving the readers thinking ‘that’s it?’ Not a great way to start off a new series, especially not one of such importance. It is not often that Soule disappoints, the man being a very solid bet when it comes to anything with his name on it. Again, this is not so much a bad story as it is just something readers have seen before and more than once. Bad guys are up to something no good, good guys get tipped off and come in to put a stop to it, both sides battle it out with good guys getting the win and revealing a little twist at the end. That twist was a good one though and probably the best part of the whole issue as it was completely unexpected. From there it continues on to reveal a little more of the aftermath of that particular swerve which is somewhat interesting, but is still a little lacklustre overall. For a first issue, Hunt For Wolverine does not ultimately satisfy, but there are a few kernels to hold onto and with Soule at the helm, there is a chance that he can pull it off in forthcoming issues, delivering that big storyline that everyone craves and bring back Wolverine bigger, better and badder than ever.

Worth It? – Not really, but Soule could pull off something great later on.

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