Issue by Issue – Freedom Fighters #2

Writer – Gerry Conway
Artist – Pablo Marcos
Inker – Tex Blaisdell

The previous issue of Freedom Fighters saw the heroes in a bit of a predicament with a number of their teammates turned into silver courtesy of the Silver Ghost. Now if they wish their comrades to be released and returned to life, they must do as the villain bids and so it is that when the reader begins this issue they discover Uncle Sam, the Human Bomb and the Ray causing chaos and destruction upon their newly-made home of New York City. Writer Gerry Conway creates quite the dilemma for the heroes as they are not quite sure what to do. Being the heroes that they are, including the very embodiment of the Spirit of Liberty, they are torn between doing the right thing and rescuing their friends. For now though, they choose to obey the orders of the Silver Ghost, that is until his ultimate goal is revealed and it involves nerve gas and the deaths of thousands. This in itself is quite interesting for it shows that heroes though they are, there are some crimes they would be willing to perpetrate, but some lines that they would never cross and as they defeat the Silver Ghost and discover the means to saving their teammates, one has to wonder just why they did not attempt to do so earlier. Such as it is though, once the plot is uncovered, they must do battle with the Silver Ghost and his henchmen which include among their number King Samson – a beast of a man that gives Uncle Sam a run for his money. Eventually the heroes uncover the secret to the Silver Ghost and his powers, revealing that he does not actually have super-powers, but is simply a man good with electronics and such which then makes it possible for the Human Bomb to reverse the process and rescue their friends. Gone is Ric Estrada from the book in order to welcome Pablo Marcos aboard and while it seems strange to change artists with only the second issue, it still manages to look great through and through with a minor, possible quibble being the Ray looking just a tad too buff. Conway wraps up the first two-parter nicely, though leaves no clues just as to what will happen in the third issue except for the glaring fact that they are now wanted by the police, making it that reading the next issue is a given.

3.5 out of 5

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