Four Colour Thoughts – The Immortal Men #1

The Creators – James Tynion IV – Writer, Jim Lee & Ryan Benjamin – Artists, Scott Williams & Richard Friend – Inkers, Jeremiah Skipper & Alex Sinclair – Colours, Carlos M. Mangual – Letters

The Players – Caden Park, The Hunt, The Infinite Woman, Immortal Man, Ghost Fist, Timber, Stray

The Story – Caden Park is having dreams about strange and fantastical things and of a man who may or may not have the answers as to why.

The Take – Out of all the new titles released by DC, next to The Terrifics, this was probably the one most anticipated by fans simply due to the artwork of Jim Lee and in this case, he was aided by Ryan Benjamin. While both are usually great artists, this book is not an example of their best work, both having done better in the past and while it is serviceable and better than some, it is a little uneven at times. As for the story by James Tynion IV, he introduces a brand new cast of characters, both heroes and villains and aside from Caden, most have yet to be fleshed out. It is only a first issue and one cannot expect everything and everyone to be explained away as of yet, but he does a good job of keeping things straight and reader-friendly. There are bits that seem a bit clunky and not as deft as Tynion IV’s Detective Comics, but the man does a good job with what has to be as new to him as it is to the reader. At the moment, it is very reminiscent of 90’s X-Men or Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.s in the feeling it gives which will have long-time fans getting a bit of Déjà vu and hopefully the creative team can direct itself away from there into territory that is a little more original and different than what has come before. As for the players in the book, Caden seems interesting enough so far with the rest of the team being something of a mystery. Those who have been introduced are somewhat intriguing and it will be fun to see just where it is that Lee, Benjamin and Tynion take them from here. Nice to see is the book ending on a cliff-hanger, one that will draw those back who find themselves hooked by what has been brought to the page. The one big question that will have most fans wondering, is if Lee will be able to keep a monthly schedule or if Benjamin or some other artist will fully take over the book sooner rather than later. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but there was that inherent promise of this being Lee’s new book, so not having him on it would seem like a bit of a cheat. As it is, the title is off to a decent start and worth at least one more shot to see just where it is that it decides to go.

Worth It? – Conditional yes.

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  1. Thought this new issue had an intriguing concept, but it didn’t all quite all seem to come together as well as I hoped. Still, the art was very good, and I will probably give the Immortal Men a couple of more issue to see how it develops before I make up my mind about it .

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