Four Colour Thoughts – Cyber Force #1

The Creators – Matt Hawkins & Bryan Hill – Writers, Atilio Rojo – Artist, Troy Peteri – Letters

The Players – Morgan Stryker, Carin (Velocity)

The Story – Morgan Stryker finds himself alive after a terrorist attack and a very changed man.

The Take – With this umpteenth reboot, Cyber Force hits comic stands yet again with another origin story and while it sheds the baggage of the past, one cannot help but to miss it as well. Be that as it may, this first issue does a great job of introducing its main players and the inciting incident which will set them upon their path which no doubt, will lead to them encountering the terrorist that cost Morgan and his daughter their natural limbs. There is one minor gaff which will most likely be explained or shown in the next book, being Stryker’s third arm – that which he talks about with the doctor, but which is never shown. As it is, we get to know the man a little, through his words and through his daughter Carin who signed the release which would ultimately save his life, though not how he would have ever dreamed of. The fact that it included taking Carin’s legs angers him, but not so much that she is at the very least, alive and well and they are together. The only thing missing from this issue was any sort of action, which is not an absolute necessity, but it would have made for a little more excitement, enough to get the blood pumping so to speak and liven things up. The cover promises a little more than it delivers, an image dedicated to showing fans what is in store for the book, rather than what is beneath it. By all indications, it looks like it will be worth the wait as it features both villains and possible heroes (Ripclaw) yet to make an appearance. The good thing about this book is that much like the recent Youngblood reboot, its creator which in this case is Marc Silvestri, has opted to be a little more hands off by letting others take over the storytelling duties. It is hopeful that in this particular instance that by doing so, this incarnation of the team and title will stick around just a little bit longer than it has in the past. Though it would have been nice to see a continuation of that long ago original run, a fresh start might be just what is needed and so far, it is off to a good start.

Worth It? – Yes

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