Four Colour Thoughts – Jirni Vol. 3 #1

The Creators – J.T. Krul – Writer, Michael Sta. Maria – Penciller, John Star – Colours, Micah Myers – Letters

The Players – Jirni

The Story – Jirni is still looking for her mom who was abducted some time ago and as she continues to do so, helps out those who need it as best she can.

The Take – J.T. Krul continues to chronicle the tale of Jirni, a young half-Djinn woman who has been searching for her mother and which has now led her to a poor farming village that finds itself under the yoke of a band of cutthroats. Of course, being the woman that she is, Jirni cannot help but aid these poor people in keeping what is theirs. Krul does a great job with the story, feeling right at home with the character now in her third series and it shows as being a far more comfortable read than the previous two. There is a fair amount of action and excitement present as Jirni takes the fight to the rogues who are determined to abscond with that which does not belong to them and she soon finds herself at their camp where they contain a secret in the form of a monster. Said creature, Jirni believes to be a Djinn and if so, it will be the first she has encountered on her travels and a starting point which may lead her to her ultimate goal. While it seems easy enough, Krul is not the sort of person to make it so, instead letting the book end on a cliff-hanger and thus keeping the interest of the readers engaged enough to come back for more. Helping the man bring it all to life is Michael Sta. Maria whose pencils and inks are exquisite. With the addition of some truly spectacular colours by John Starr, the artwork really pops and transforms this title into one of the best, if not the best that Aspen is putting out right now. There are some questions that arise from the story, such as when exactly will Jirni find her mother, as this is now the third series and will she take revenge upon the man that kidnapped her? Will this new discovery aid Jirni in her quest or be just another dead end? One thing that is for sure is that the book is compelling and never lacks for being interesting, making for one of the best fantasy titles on the stands today.

Worth It? – Yes

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