Four Colour Thoughts – Vampironica #1

The Creators – Greg Smallwood & Megan Smallwood – Writer, Greg Smallwood – Artist, Jack Morelli – Letters

The Players – Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, Reggie Mantle, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper

The Story – Veronica becomes a vampire and this issue tells the tale of just how that happened.

The Take – Greg Smallwood, late of Moon Knight at Marvel, stretches his hand at both writing with help from sister Megan, and drawing a new title for Archie Comics entitled Vampironica. It should be pretty self-evident by the title alone as to what this book is about without even looking at the cover, but for those who may not be in the know, it involves everyone’s favourite fanged creature of the night – the vampire. It also happens to see Veronica herself transformed into just such a monster and as far as this first issue goes, she does not seem to altogether mind. Aside from the usual cast of Riverdale regulars, the Smallwoods introduce a villain into the picture, someone yet unknown, but a vampire who seems to have a very particular interest in Veronica. A friend of her father’s perhaps? There is nothing to go on as of yet except for the fact that the man is a vampire and obviously needs to feed. Why that brought him to Veronica will most likely be answered in a future issue and for the moment, waiting is all that can be done. What does happen in this book creates far more questions than it answers, but it works perfectly for as a reader, coming back for more is an absolute given. All of it stems from a party filled with innuendo and horror and it is a horror that continues on with a load of suspense and drama until it leaves off on a cliff-hanger, one that has the reader both worried and intrigued. With zombies and werewolves and witches having all been represented, it was only a matter of time until vampires made their way to the page as well. Smallwood’s artwork is gorgeous, every page a real masterpiece and with the absence of Afterlife With Archie and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the fate of Archie Comics’ horror line is in good hands.

Worth It? – Yes

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  1. Archie has done some interesting “dark” takes like this but has proven to be so poor at keeping books to any kind of reliable schedule (Sabrina & Afterlife) that I had drifted away from their stuff. Perhaps the real problem is Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who does the aforementioned books and is more busy with Archie’s teen sex dramas on the CW than doing the comics.
    Having the Smallwoods drive this will perhaps get it out on regular schedule.

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