Issue by Issue – The Son of Satan #7

Writer – John Warner
Artist – Sonny Trinidad
Colours – Bonnie Wilford
Letters – Karen Mantlo

The final battle has finally arrived and it not only sees Daimon Hellstrom and Mindstar within the arena, but Anubis who stands revealed as the secret power which has been fueling all of the recent attacks against Hellstrom the past few issues. Such as it is, now Hellstrom has to fight two foes, at least until the new servant of Anubis shows up to make it three and while there are moments where Mindstar is aligned with Hellstrom due to the fact that he has declared his independence from his master, Hellstrom fights alone and it is a tough battle. What is most interesting is the fact that all of this boils down to a simple lie, told by Mindstar to Anubis which has resulted in Hellstrom being dragged into it all. Mistake or lie or what have you, the Son of Satan will not bow down to anybody and those against him find that he is far more powerful than they gave him credit for. While the previous chapters of this story were somewhat lacking and at times, slightly tedious, this last act is not. John Warner and Sonny Trinidad pack the book full of action from cover to cover while still moving the story forward and expanding on Mindstar and his motivations simultaneously. Though Mindstar may be a villain, part of the reader feels a little compassion for him, though just why that is turns out to be a bit of a mystery as he is never shown to be anything but a bad guy. Perhaps it is in part due to his ‘boss’ is hating on him and barking orders which everyone can relate to or simply due because Warner’s writing is subtle enough to make the audience feel as such. By the end of the story, Hellstrom is of course victorious, but it feels like Anubis may not be done with the hero just yet. Artistically, Trinidad’s art is solid and some of best that has been featured in the book thus far. Paired with Warner who really brings it home this issue, the two make a great team and this particular issue a real joy to read. Last but not least, there were a couple of scenes with Saripha who turns out to be not only a witch, but the head of her coven and while she tried to help Daimon, she really accomplished next to nothing. A good character that was slightly wasted in this issue and yet overall, this was a strong entry in the series.

4 out of 5

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