Four Colour Thoughts – Green Hornet #1

The Creators – Amy Chu – Writer, German Erramouspe – Artist, Brittany Pezzillo – Colours, Tom Napolitano – Letters

The Players – Kato, Mulan

The Story – Britt Reid is missing and the underworld of Century City is becoming highly unstable without his presence. Something has to be done.

The Take – It is a new era for the Green Hornet as Amy Chu and German Erramouspe take the man out of the equation to present a slightly different, yet familiar story. The book opens on a mystery as Britt Reid has disappeared with nobody able to get a bead on the man and that includes his best friend and partner, Kato. At the moment, Kato and his daughter Mulan are doing their best to hold the city together, but without a figurehead like the Green Hornet at the helm to keep everyone in line, the city is not what it was. Kato realizes that something must be done, that it needs a Green Hornet to take the place of the man who held the mantle, until that time he may return, if return he does. Chu writes a good story, one that introduces the readers to all the key players in the game, sets up the premise and executes it well, the only problem being that long-time readers of the character have seen this before. Once upon a time, Kato took on the role and here, Chu looks to repeat that, though it is not exactly Kato that does so this time around. There is a good mix of action and drama throughout, Erramouspe transferring it to the page in a manner that is both exciting and eye-catching. Some of the best parts in the book are those between Kato and Mulan, father and daughter and the characterization Chu develops is perfect as you immediately care for the two. There is also a sense of history in the book, perhaps due to the fact that it takes place many years after Reid and Kato were in their prime and with Kato having a daughter, but along with that is the revelation that even if Britt should return, perhaps he is simply too old to continue as he once did and that a replacement is warranted. There comes a time when everyone, hero or not, has to settle down and retire and maybe now, while Britt is gone and Mulan looks to be taking over, that time is now. While there is no cliff-hanger present, there is enough curiosity built up over the course of the issue to warrant coming back for more and seeing just where it is that Erramouspe and Chu are taking this.

Worth It? – Yes

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