Issue by Issue – The Son of Satan #6

Writer – John Warner
Artist – Ed Hannigan
Inker – Sonny Trinidad
Colours – Hugh Paley
Letters – Condoy

With all of the recent events taking place and the fact that Daimon Hellstrom now has to stand in front of a room full of students on a daily basis, he notices that his Darksoul is lashing out a little bit and is finding it difficult to keep it in check. It is not long that he is soon under attack from what seems like the four elements of the Earth and after he fends them off, with more than a little effort as they are relentless, he discovers that it was all a plot by last issue’s Mindstar to lure him into a trap. While all of this is going on, the secret force behind Mindstar who has not been revealed as of yet, has plans of its own to create a more willing servant and does just that by transforming one of Hellstrom’s students into a fearsome looking creature. What makes these books as good as they are is not just the action and the excitement of seeing Hellstrom battle this demon or that devil, but the inner turmoil of having to battle himself continually to keep his dual nature in check. Being the son of the Devil has to be a trying thing – torn in two being half-demon and half-human with the powers of the former and the conscience of the latter, it is no wonder that Daimon finds it hard to be around other people. This issue also gifts the reader with the revelation that Saripha is in fact a witch and while she does not necessarily believe in the devil, she does know that something afflicts Daimon and is determined to help him. What will be most interesting is if she does in fact run into Satan or comes face to face with the Darksoul at some point and when that moment arrives, what will she end up doing in the face of a truth she thought false? While Warner does his best to pull the reader into the story he crafts, Mindstar is not a villain that feels like much of a threat, though there is that hidden power behind him that is mildly intriguing. The artwork by Ed Hannigan and Sonny Trinidad is good and packed with action, but overall the book was just not as exciting as it should have been, nor did it feature very much horror within its pages which is one of its main selling points. As it is, it was a decent issue, but not as good as some of the earlier books in the series.

3 out of 5

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