Four Colour Thoughts – The Terrifics #1

The Creators – Jeff Lemire – Writer, Ivan Reis – Artist, Joe Prado – Inker, Marcelo Maiolo – Colours, Tom Napolitano – Letters

The Players – Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Plastic Man, Linnya Wazzo (Phantom Girl), Tom Strong, Simon Stagg, Sapphire

The Story – Simon Stagg has opened a door to the Dark Multiverse. Mr. Terrific is going to close it and in doing so, save Metamorpho with a little help and along the way, encounter a mystery he did not expect to find.

The Take – When the ads first appeared for this book, it was heralded as DC’s answer/version to the Fantastic Four and suffice it to say, while it does not have that family dynamic, it does have everything else. Each of the main characters resembles their Marvel counterpart and maybe not down to the smallest detail, but close enough – all that is except for Phantom Girl who is only in the book for a short time and thus not given enough room to grow as of yet. Written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Ivan Reis with a helping hand from Joe Prado and all of it coloured magnificently by Marcelo Maiolo, the book looks and reads exceptionally well. Whether readers knew it or not beforehand, this book does indeed fill a gap in the DC Universe and it feels fresh and lively, exciting even as once the end of the book is reached, there is so much potential as to where it could go. In a way, The Terrifics resembles DC’s old adventure books like Challengers of the Unknown and Rip Hunter, Time Master and hearkens back to old sci-fi and horror movies with its set-up and plot. It has the crazy scientist, the rescuing of a friend and a damsel in distress, a fight with some strange creatures and the promise of a grand adventure. Out of everything, from the relationships of the characters to the surprise reveal at the end of the issue, it is the sense of adventure that Lemire and Reis perpetuate that really gets the reader excited. While DC has many books filled with action and mystery and so forth, there is little adventure to be found and that is what sets this book apart from the rest. The team itself is interesting, made up of B-listers that have rarely had a moment to shine as of late, but make for a group that should be a joy to follow, especially with Metamorpho and Plastic Man on board as the comedy relief. Readers can compare this book to whatever it is they want, but in the end, it begins as all first issues should, by intriguing its audience and telling a story well enough that they want to come back for more. As of this moment, The Terrifics is DC’s best new book thus far and definitely worth reader’s time and money.

Worth It? – Yes

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