Issue by Issue – Marvel Two-In-One #2

Writer – Roger Stern
Artist – Gil Kane
Inker – Joe Sinnott
Colours – Glynis Wein
Letters – Artie Simek

The second issue of Marvel Two-In-One begins on a mystery as the man called Wundarr finds himself falling out of control from the sky down near Hydro-Base, the current home of the Sub-Mariner. This leads to a titanic team-up between the Sea King and the Thing as they try to figure out how to essentially save Wundarr from himself. Roger Stern who continues to chronicle the rockiest member of the Fantastic Four’s adventures, also throws in a guest appearance from Namorita who finds Wundarr to be child-like in nature, something Namor missed and thus at the begging of his cousin, decides to help the poor man out before he gets himself into trouble. That happens sooner than expected as Wundarr lands in New York City, frightened and misunderstanding everything around him and running into the Thing while doing so. Eventually everyone comes to blows and Gil Kane packs the book full of action, drawn delectably as only he can and when the alien Dakkamites and their robot called the Mortoid attack, the man knows how to translate excitement to the page. While everyone is fighting either the aliens or each other, what turns out to be slightly humourous is the fact that nobody knows what Wundarr is doing here as he cannot seem to answer and that maybe he is not quite what he seems, especially when the aforementioned aliens arrive. Stern does give a bit of background on the mysterious man, revealing that he was an orphan who crashed in the Florida swamps only to be accidentally freed by the Man-Thing, having been revealed as a grown man with no concept of the outside world. Aside from the tumult featured on nearly every page of the book, there is still room for a little banter between the Thing and the Human Torch, not to mention a little blustering on the part of the Sub-Mariner whose characterization is spot on. By the end of the book, some of the mystery about Wundarr is dispelled and the heroes manage to fend off the villains, but the Thing is left in a position he does not want to be left in and it leaves a smile on the face of the reader as Benjamin J. Grimm always seems to be left with the short end of the stick.

4 out of 5

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  1. Reblogged this on The Inner Circle and commented:
    Issue two of Two-In-One is out and Tell Tale is sharing another review. Now while I never had this issue,I do want to mention that the story with Wundarr carried through a lot of the issues including the great Project Pegasus arc still to come. You know,the one they name dropped on the first episode of “Agents of Shield” and did nothing with it.
    Namor at this point is still pretty hostile to us surface breathers but because he has a soft spot for Sue Storm,he hasn’t waged all out war with Earth yet. Namor is one of Marvel’s strongest characters and watching him bump noses with Bengie is always a highlight! Issue 3 is coming soon!!!

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