Four Colour Thoughts – Young Monsters in Love #1

The Creators – Kyle Higgins, Tim Seeley, Mairghread Scott, Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Paul Dini, Mark Russell, Steve Orlando, Alisa Kwitney, Phil Hester, James Robinson – Writers; Kelley Jones, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Bryan Hitch, Javi Fernandez, Guillem March, Frazer Irving, Nic Klein, Stephanie Hans, Mirko Colak, John McCrea – Artists; Cam Smith, Andrew Currie, Javi Fernandez – Inkers; Michelle Madsen, Tomeu Morey, Nathan Fairbairn, Patricia Mulvihill, Dave McCaig, Michael Spicer, John Kalisz – Colours; Rob Leigh, Clayton Cowles, Carlos M. Mangual, Sal Cipriano, Tom Napolitano, Dave Sharpe, Clem Robins – Letters

The Players – Man-Bat, Frankenstein, The Bride, Solomon Grundy, Raven, Deadman, Swamp Thing, The Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Andrew Bennett (I, Vampire), Etrigan (Jason Blood), Creature Commandos, Batman, Superman

The Story – Monsters can feel too.

The Take – A plethora of writers and artists tackle a number of DC’s more famous creatures in a giant eighty-page special just in time for Valentine’s Day and it is safe to say that it is definitely worth the money. There is nary a bad story to be found within and it turns out to be a highly entertaining outing featuring some characters that either do not have a title at the moment or are rarely heard from, the Creature Commandos easily coming to mind. There is a little something for everyone in the book, though one of the best stories is that by Tim Seeley and Giuseppe Camuncoli featuring Frankenstein and The Bride, a bittersweet tale of a love that continues on and continues to go unfulfilled. Buried on Sunday is a story of Solomon Grundy that proves that underneath the monster, there is still a bit of the man left and it is a man that used to be married to a woman he loved very much. Man-Bat stars in a tale of love versus addiction with the former winning out for the moment while Etrigan battles the hordes of Hell for just a glimpse of a lady love. Two of the more lighthearted tales features Deadman who helps a boy stand up for himself on Valentine’s Day while The Brain and Monsieur Mallah reveal that not even their current forms can prevent them from expressing the love they feel towards each other. Rounding out the book is Swamp Thing, Raven, Andrew Bennett from I, Vampire and the aforementioned Creature Commandos and all of them cater both to the fans and those looking for a little romance in their comics. Each short tale featured within varies from the other despite the similar theme that connects them all and as far as anthologies go, it works on every level. If one thing can be learned from this book, DC should put out more anthologies – at the very least around holidays or days like Valentine’s. A great book from cover to cover that provides a softer look at some of the more fearsome characters that inhabit the DC Universe.

Worth It? – Yes.

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