Issue by Issue – Jemm, Son of Saturn #8

Writer – Greg Potter
Artist – Gene Colan
Inker – Bob McLeod
Colours – Tom Ziuko
Letters – John Costanza

Jemm has finally discovered that some of his race have survived, has met his cousin Jogarr and now finds himself on New Bhok, yet not among his people for it is not as saviour or countryman that he comes, but unwitting prisoner. It is not exactly the homecoming that he expected, but despite Jogarr’s best efforts, word of Jemm’s existence makes it out among the populace and to say they want to see their prince is putting it somewhat lightly. That reoccurring theme of hope rears its head once again in this issue as writer Greg Potter continues to base his story upon said emotion. Whether it be Jemm himself, the people of New Bhok, Jogarr and his democracy or Luther’s brother Lincoln, hope is woven throughout most of the pages in the book and it makes for a very incredible read. Of course, it is not the only emotion felt by those in the story as there is also jealousy, fright, loss, despair, greed, love and hate peppered throughout and if there is one man that can make a person feel all of these things, it is Potter and his collaborator Gene Colan. All of it looks great and that is to be expected as Colan is seemingly incapable of doing any wrong. His pages burst to life with action and more and one cannot help but be immersed in the fantastic of it all. So not only does Jogarr plot against Jemm, but Commander Synn is looking to put a permanent stop to the prince while her newfound ally, Claudius Tull has his own reasons for fostering a war against Jemm. There is a point in the book where Potter brings things to a small boil, a moment where it comes down to keeping Jemm behind the scenes so to speak or to let him loose upon the populace of New Bhok and thankfully it is the latter that wins out for it makes for a far more interesting story. The book is essentially left on two notes, one where the people have welcomed their prince home with loving arms and all to the disappointment of his cousin and the second on a bit of uncertainty as the villains of the tale have now united and just what it is that they plan to do with the fallout that comes from those schemes still remaining to be seen, it leaves the reader wanting more – good or bad. This was yet another excellent issue from a truly great creative team.

4.5 out of 5

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