Issue by Issue – The Son of Satan #4

Writer – John Warner
Artist – P. Craig Russell
Inker – Sonny Trinidad
Colours – Petra Goldberg
Letters – Condoy

The fourth issue of The Son of Satan is interesting for the fact that very little actually happens to further the story. It begins doing so with Daimon accepting a position at University after having sold his house at Fire Lake around which the first arc revolved. From there he goes to sleep and is taken on a wild trip through his subconscious by a celestial being called Proffit, exploring the duality of his nature while doing so. While all of it is done really well, it does feel more like a fill-in issue than anything else, like a story used to fill the pages until the book can get back on track. It was not as if it was a bad story, for it was not in any sense, but it would have been nice to read something that pertained to the overall narrative that began in the first issue. There is some mystery present to add to it though as Daimon’s new boss Dr. Brian Anderson continues to dig into his newest employee’s past. Is it simple curiosity or is the man looking for something specific? The book also ends on one with Daimon waking up from his strange journey to realize that there is a body next door to his room, making the reader wonder if this dream he went on was a page-filler or if it actually meant something more with its effects being felt in a very morbid way. Also introduced in this issue is a new supporting character named Saripha Thames who may or may not turn out to be an important player moving forward. With some great artwork from P. Craig Russell and Sonny Trinidad to bring it to life, John Warner’s story, whether fill-in or not, is still worth a read and should lead into something a little more than intriguing come the next issue.

3 out of 5

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  1. I liked this series a lot as a kid….. The 70s were very much loosed than today. You could not get away with “The Son of Satan” as a comic for kids nowadays.
    Plus, a costume that is shirtless with a cape was quite a change from most other heroes (other than Namor, I suppose, who just wore a Speedo).

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