Four Colour Thoughts – Inhumans: Judgement Day #1

The Creators – Al Ewing – Writer, Mike Del Mundo & Kevin Libranda – Artist, Marc Deering – Inker, José Villarrubia – Colours

The Players – Medusa, Maximus the Mage (formerly the Mad), Crystal, Black Bolt, Marvel Boy, Reader, Frank McGee, Swain, Panacea, The Progenitors

The Story – The Progenitors are coming to Earth to harvest a little genetic material which will herald a five thousand year war. The Inhumans aim to stop it.

The Take – Al Ewing wraps up his run on the Inhumans with this bookend issue and it ties almost everything up except for a couple of little plotlines and that excellent cliff-hanger. As seen in Royals, things have been changing for the Inhumans, the main thing being Medusa losing her powers and dying slowly because of it. Encountering the Progenitors after a lengthy trip and claiming the Primagen for themselves, the Inhumans now have to look forward to centuries of war unless they can defeat those gods in a way that turns them back completely and forever. The answer comes from Maximus who has now been changed due to the Primagen, no longer mad or as mad as he was, and a man who now wishes to fight for his people. That answer lies in Medusa and Ewing along with Kevin Libranda, take her on a journey where she not only discovers a little about herself and comes to terms with Black Bolt, but proves to all why she was a queen and why, despite abdication, she will always be one. For the average or new reader who comes to this book, they will more than likely be a little confused as to what is going on in some cases, but for the most part, Ewing provides enough backstory to make it accessible enough to be a very enjoyable read. The changes to the Inhumans and to the Royal Family are numerous, not simply from the previous run in Royals, but further than that and it has been a lot of fun seeing it all unfold. Reading this book seems like it is all coming to an end, but Ewing does leave it open for future stories to be told and hopefully those come to fruition. Some of those aforementioned changes are incredibly interesting, such as in the case of Maximus, Medusa and Black Bolt, and very intriguing when it comes to Flint and their new/old home in the Blue Area of the moon. For now, things are looking bright and Ewing proves once again just how good a storyteller the man is. On the artwork side of things, Libranda’s lines are clean and give the book a very polished look while Mike Del Mundo’s painted flashback scenes are incredibly vivid. Altogether, they make Inhumans: Judgement Day a book worth reading as it not only closes a small chapter in the Marvel Universe, but begins a new one.

Worth It? – Yes

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