Issue by Issue – Jemm, Son of Saturn #7

Writer – Greg Potter
Artist – Gene Colan
Inker – Klaus Janson
Colours – Tom Ziuko
Letters – John Costanza

Returning to Earth on a ship stolen from the White Saturnians, Jemm and Luther are not out of the woods yet. Not only were they followed, but stationed on their ship unbeknownst to them is Grayol – sister of Kamah whom Jemm defeated earlier and who intends to put the hurt on Jemm for all that he has done. Two things of note happen which are surprising to say the least, the first being that Jogarr – leader of the Red Saturnians of New Bhok has made his way to Earth and now finds himself saving Jemm from possible death while Bouncer, hired goon of Claudius Tull has had enough himself and refuses to let anything happen to Luther. The actions of both men are surprising to say the least, but nice to see as it not only advances the story but their characters as well and all thanks to author Greg Potter. Not only does Potter spotlight the aforementioned members of the cast, but also flashes back to Commander Synn who is quite furious over the recent events and comes to a small revelation of her own. Not having been seen in the book for some time is Lincoln, brother of Luther who makes a return and while he seems much like he was when last featured, he too shows another side of himself that looks to possibly provide a little redemption for the man. If there were an overall theme for this issue, it would be just that – redemption as Potter looks to turn things around for a few of the supporting cast and it all works quite wonderfully. Back on the book is Klaus Janson who gives Gene Colan’s pencils just the right embellishment to make each page pop with action and excitement. Of course, the team leaves the book off on a cliff-hanger which surprisingly does not involve Jemm, but Bouncer who now finds himself in a world of trouble. There are some questions raised by everything that happens, such as Jogarr’s motives, though one can attribute those to the conversation he had with Superman last issue, but is that all there is to it? Additionally, with Synn now knowing that the Red Saturnians are indeed alive, one has to wonder just what it is that she plans to do and how she is going to go about the destruction of those that she hates more than anything. A great story filled with everything one could hope for courtesy of Potter, Colan, Janson and more.

4 out of 5

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