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Only One Man Can Do What is Needed – Rush (1983)

As far as post-nuke pictures go, with most post-apocalyptic movies taking place after nuclear devastation – that or zombie holocaust, it is not all that bad. It is very light on plot and features the familiar elements of a world with little water or plant life and what there is, being kept by the few and lauded over the many as a means of strength and power. The villain of the piece is played by Gordon Mitchell – the man that holds said power, plants and water and he does whatever he can to keep the rest of the population in line. Enter the hero of the film, Bruno Minniti/Conrad Nichols as the titular Rush who aims to put a stop to the evil Yor and reveal the secret that the man is hiding.

For nearly the entirety of the movie, it is straight action from start to finish as Minniti doles out the punishment to all those that stand in his way. For an action-lover, this film will not disappoint, even when it is at its corniest and Minniti is in full Terminator-mode. It is fast, it is furious and the picture just blazes by as if no time has passed at all. The downside is that lack of story which one almost forgets about as the action sucks the viewer right in. It is only when the film is nearing its conclusion that it becomes apparent that nothing really happened at all, except for the decimation of Yor’s forces which was a given. While lack of plot, characterization and story does not necessarily make for what most would call a bad film, it would have been nice to see something with a little more substance.  As it is, Minniti/Nichols is a one-man wrecking crew and everything in this picture is centered around him taking out the trash.

Silly, yet watchable, Rush is perfect matinee fair that requires little in the way of thinking, delivering all the explosions, gunfire and bodies one could ever hope for.

2 out of 5

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