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Where Life is a Battle – Exterminators of the Year 3000 (1983)

The search for water is real in the year 3000 as the post-apocalyptic planet Earth has very little to give. Enter roving gangs, people just wanting to live, a little boy who is more than he seems and a hero who learns that there is more to life than just looking after one’s self. Made in 1983, Exterminators of the Year 3000 is very reminiscent of Mad Max/Mad Max 2 and that is to be expected as they were movies that were far more famous and imitation is bound to happen – the sincerest form of flattery and all that. As it is though, the movie manages to stand on its own two legs and turns out to be a decent foray into this particular sub-genre of science-fiction.

With movies of this sort, some suspension of disbelief is needed, such as in the case of the vehicles and how they are still running after hundreds of years. While the one car belonging to lead character Alien as played by Robert Iannucci was somewhat advanced, making them look a little more futuristic probably would have went a longer way than having them be so dated.  It is hard not to fall into this trap though as budgets dictate what all a producer and filmmaker can do. Despite all of that, the best thing this movie has going for it are all the action and chase sequences that permeate the movie as it keeps the pace up and the viewer interested. There is a bit of a story woven in and about all the action that takes place, but it is pretty thin and there is little to grasp onto other than the fact that these people are fighting for their lives, against each other and against nature itself. What is most astounding is that there is actually a little character development thrown in, specifically in Alien’s case who starts out as a very self-centered person and soon comes to care for those in his charge. It was unexpected to say the least, but it put a little bit of meat on the bones so to speak, just enough for those looking for something other than all-out action.

By all accounts, the picture ended up being a lot of fun. The cast did a great job and the special effects, what little there were, looked great. If there was one small gripe to be had, it was the costumes which were fairly standard being black leather and all and which could be seen in nearly every film similar to this, but when compared to just how good the movie is as a whole, it matters very little. As far as being a derivative of Mad Max, it may not live up to that particular film, but on its own, it is highly enjoyable outing and definitely worth seeking out for those lovers of post-apocalyptic movies.

3.5 out of 5

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